Post Touchdown Attempt in NYT: A Comprehensive Guide

post touchdown attempt nyt

When it comes to football, every moment counts, and the post touchdown attempt nyt is no exception. Understanding the intricacies of this crucial aspect of the game can elevate your appreciation of football and its strategic depth. The New York Times (NYT) provides extensive coverage on sports, including detailed analyses of key moments like post touchdown attempts. But what exactly are these attempts, and why are they so significant?

What is a Post Touchdown Attempt?

A post touchdown attempt occurs after a team scores a touchdown. The scoring team has the opportunity to earn additional points through either a one-point kick or a two-point conversion play. This decision can drastically influence the game’s outcome, making it a pivotal moment in any football match.

Historical Background

The concept of post touchdown attempts has evolved over the years. Initially, the rules were simpler, with the focus mainly on the one-point kick. However, as the game advanced, the two-point conversion was introduced, adding a new layer of strategy. This change aimed to increase excitement and provide teams with more options to secure victory.

Rules and Regulations

In the NFL, a post touchdown attempt can be executed in two ways:

One-Point Kick: The ball is kicked through the uprights from the 15-yard line, adding one point to the team’s score.

Two-Point Conversion: The team attempts to run or pass the ball into the end zone from the two-yard line, adding two points if successful.

Differences in College Football

College football follows similar rules but with slight variations. For instance, the one-point kick is attempted from the three-yard line, and the two-point conversion is also from the three-yard line, making it slightly easier compared to the NFL.

The Importance of Post Touchdown Attempts

These attempts are critical as they can be the deciding factor in close games. A successful two-point conversion can shift momentum and put pressure on the opposing team. Conversely, failing a post touchdown attempt can boost the defense’s confidence and change the game’s dynamics.

Strategies for Successful Post Touchdown Attempts

Teams often rely on tried-and-true strategies for post touchdown attempts. For one-point kicks, consistency and accuracy are key. For two-point conversions, teams may use deceptive plays, such as fake handoffs or quick passes, to catch the defense off guard.

Innovative Approaches

Innovative coaches continually develop new plays to enhance their chances of success. These might include unique formations or exploiting specific weaknesses in the opponent’s defense. Innovation in play-calling can be a game-changer during post touchdown attempts.

Key Players in Post Touchdown Attempts

Some players excel in these high-pressure situations. Kickers like Justin Tucker are renowned for their accuracy, while quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes are celebrated for their creativity and execution during two-point conversions.

Rising Stars

New talents emerge each season, showcasing exceptional skills in post touchdown scenarios. Keeping an eye on these rising stars can provide insights into the future trends of post touchdown attempts.

Success Rates

Analyzing success rates helps understand the effectiveness of various strategies. Historically, one-point kicks have a higher success rate, around 94%, compared to the roughly 50% success rate of two-point conversions.

Team Comparisons

Different teams have varying success rates based on their coaching philosophies and player capabilities. For instance, teams with strong offensive lines might favor two-point conversions more frequently.

Famous Post Touchdown Attempts in History

Throughout football history, certain post touchdown attempts have become legendary. Moments like the “Philly Special” in Super Bowl LII exemplify how these attempts can define games and become iconic.

NYT’s Coverage on Post Touchdown Attempts

The New York Times offers in-depth coverage and analysis on significant post touchdown attempts. Their articles often include expert commentary, statistical breakdowns, and player interviews, providing a comprehensive view of these critical moments.

Coaching Perspectives

Top coaches often share their insights on post touchdown attempts, emphasizing the importance of preparation and adaptability. Coaches like Bill Belichick and Andy Reid have been particularly vocal about their strategies and philosophies regarding these plays.

Fan Reactions

Fans’ reactions to post touchdown attempts can be intense, both in stadiums and on social media. Successful attempts often lead to explosive celebrations, while failed attempts can result in widespread disappointment and discussion among fans.

Future of Post Touchdown Attempts

As football evolves, so too might the rules governing post touchdown attempts. Discussions about moving the kick line or changing the two-point conversion distance are ongoing, aiming to balance the game’s competitiveness and excitement.

Emerging Trends

Technological advancements and analytical tools are shaping how teams approach post touchdown attempts. Data-driven decisions and real-time analytics are becoming integral to developing effective strategies.


Post touchdown attempts are more than just opportunities for additional points; they are strategic maneuvers that can alter the course of a game. Understanding their significance, the strategies involved, and the players who excel in these moments enhances our appreciation of football. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the sport, keeping an eye on post touchdown attempts can provide a deeper understanding of the game’s intricacies.


What is the success rate of post touchdown attempts?

The success rate for one-point kicks is about 94%, while two-point conversions have a success rate of around 50%.

How do post touchdown attempts affect team strategy?

These attempts can dictate the momentum of the game, influencing both the offensive and defensive strategies.

Who holds the record for most successful post touchdown attempts?

Adam Vinatieri holds the record for the most successful one-point kicks in NFL history.

Are there any proposed changes to post touchdown attempt rules?

There are ongoing discussions about adjusting the distance for both one-point kicks and two-point conversions to enhance game competitiveness.

How can fans stay updated on post touchdown attempt news?

Following sports news outlets like the New York Times and engaging with football communities on social media are great ways to stay informed.


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